trying to draw bubbline. eehhhhhhhhh
quick sunday doodle. i think i was trying to draw flame princess.
I need to stop procrastinating when it comes to drawing. oh wellll….
Its been months since i last posted. I got a new drawing program  thanks to an amazing person. And now i can add more than one color per layer! yay! I tried to use mostly Easter-like colors. its not the best but oh well. I need to upload more. Happy Easter! 
Ice Climbers! My friend loves playing as them on Super smash bro brawl and gave them the new name of husband and wifie. Cutest killers ever. 
Im so pumped for the new super smash bro! And Ashley is a new reinforcement! So i had to draw her. Hopefully she can be a playable character in the next one. 
Cry inside Mario World! He likes Shy Guy. Im just happy I finished it
I stayed up all night trying to get this done. This is the best i could do. oh well. Happy Birthday to my favorite vocaloids!!
I drew my first fake tattoo today! It’s a lot harder than I thought. I give respect to all those tattoo artist who do this everyday.
I stepped away from my drawing tablet today and grabbed my sketchbook. And this is what happened.
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